05 July 2022

FFS has been helping to provide food ingredients to Professor Ustaz Dr Ahmad Faisal Abdul Hamid of UM’s Faculty of Islamic Studies who runs the Happy Lunch program to feed poor students at UM. FFS has been donating food items intermittently since our NGO started operations in 2021.

Under the program, 200 students from Fakulti Islam are given a cooked lunch daily and on Fridays, students from other faculties are also included. The distribution is done at Fakulti Islam from Mondays to Thursdays and at a residential college on Fridays. In an effort towards sustainable programs to feed those in need, FFS has now pledged to support Ustaz Faisal’s Happy Lunch programme over a period of one year starting June 2022.

The aid consists of a monthly contribution from FFS consisting of cooking oil, sugar, sardines, tomato ketchup and sweet soya sauce (kicap manis) as requested by Ustaz Faisal.

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