12 June 2021

Free Food Society (FFS) recently extended urgent assistance to Oasis Independent Living Skill Centre (Oasis) with contributions of foodstuffs, groceries and household items for its 30+ residents.

Oasis is a social enterprise which provides Shelter for homeless addicts recovering from substance abuse. They run programs to help rehabilitate and rebuild lives with dignity. Oasis residents work hard to supplement their operations by selling farm produce like free-range farm chickens, ducks and Mulberry tea. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected their sales and their ability to sustain their operations. They are in dire need as their source of income from the sales of chicken and duck have evaporated.

FFS heard their SOS and responded to them immediately. Phase 2 of this reach-out will be despatched to Oasis in July. While Oasis and many other similar set-ups ride through this tough times, FFS will continue to do their part to bring some relief to as many as possible. FFS a not-for-profit organization, with generous support from kind individuals and corporate donors, is committed to bring relief to the poor and marginalized communities in Malaysia.

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