24 October 2021 – Food Packs for Cambodian Families in Batu Gajah and Puncak Borneo Community in Sarawak

On 25 September, Human Aid Selangor together with us distributed rice, cooking oil, chicken potatoes, sardines and biscuits to 100 needy Cambodian refugee families in a remote area of Batu Gajah. Human Aid had been alerted to their plight by some members of the police who had also been personally assisting these families.

On the same day, our team also distributed food packs to 183 families in Puncak Borneo, Sarawak, mainly from the Bidayuh ethnic tribe. Most of them are farmers, general labourers, and single mothers, relying on daily wages and many have lost their jobs during COVID-19. Sadly, in one of the house that we visited, there were 15 people living in one tin shack. It’s really heartbreaking to see them.

Thank you to Sri Ternak supermarket for delivering the groceries to Cambodian families and Yolanda and Victoria Musa for coordinating the distribution to community in Puncak Borneo.

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