7 July 2021

As the requests for food aid increases, we are frantically speeding up our food distribution. This also means we need more funds to meet the increasing demand. Within just the first week of July, under our joint campaign with Brickfields Asia College – ‘Feed 1000 Families, we have distributed more than 2,000 food packs of which 1,000 came through FreeFood Society. We distributed to refugees where Human Aid organization has more than 1000 on their waitlist, to orang Asli in Desa Temuan, to poor families in Hulu Kelang, to B40s at Kota Damansar PPR, to the urban poor around the Pudu area and to the K’Cho and Dai refugee groups not covered under Human Aid. We distributed to construction workers whom without work, hence no pay and no food and locked-in their Kongsi due to covid cases, are not provided food by their employer! A group of people in the TV and film industry, now completely with no jobs also reached out to us. After delivering food packs to Kota Damansara PPR, the person in charge of distribution received this msg, “dorg ni x cukup makan, cikgu shila ckp ade neigbor depan rumah dh seminggu x makan tu..tell FFS that… so appreciate their kindness n you helping..” You just don’t know how bad it is out there.

It has been a busy week for us but we are so glad that we could lend a helping hand… so can you by donating to Persatuan Makanan Ehsan (Free Food Society) Maybank 5643 2461 7332

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